Windows Vs Linux: Which System Is Right For You?

Windows Vs Linux: Which System Is Right For You?



There is often a lot of debate in the computing community about which system is best out of Apple Or Windows. But, in our opinion, this debate is a bit of a misleading one. Both systems are designed for entirely different purposes. Apple systems are geared more towards casual use and creative endeavors. Whereas Windows are an all round powerhouse designed for far more technical tasks.

The real debate is which system is better out of Linux and Windows. Both are fantastic systems that have a myriad of strengths and weaknesses. What one system excels at, another will fail at. And it all boils down to which system is right for you. Because no two people are alike. And, as such, their system needs will be different. So this guide will walk you through the pros and cons of both systems. So you can make a more informed decision.


Let’s start with Linux. Chances are you will have heard the name. But you might not know exactly what Linux is? Linux is an open source operating system released way back in 1991. Even if you haven’t heard of Linux, you will undoubtedly have seen its influences. Most Android phones run off Linux.

As we said above, Linux is open source. And this is its biggest advantage over Windows. Open Source means that the original source code is publicly available and can be edited by any Linux user. This means the operating system can be modified to fit the user’s needs. If you are working in the field of programming, then this is a huge asset to have at your disposal. Being able to modify your operating system opens up a world of possibilities.

Linux is also completely free to download and use. If you are on a budget then this is a huge advantage over using Windows. There is a fee attached to getting corporate tech support for your Linux OS. But that is negligible when compared to the cost of buying a Windows OS.

The downsides to Linux are quite tough to ignore though. By its very nature, Linux is a more complicated system to navigate. Unless you have a good understanding of how computers work, and a rudimentary understanding of programming, you might struggle to use Linux effectively.

You will also find there are fewer programs designed to work with Linux. Most video games, for example, won’t work on Linux without a lot of work on your end. You can install a secondary desktop on your Linux machine to get these programs to function. But it is a hassle.


Windows is the bread and butter of computer operating systems. It is the industry standard that other systems are measured against. Windows could be seen as the jack-of-all trades, master of none system. It excels in a large number of areas. But, if you looked hard enough, you could find an operating system that does a specific task better.

But it is the wide scope offered by Windows that makes it such a reliable choice. Windows is arguably the best system for hosting servers on. I personally like windows VPS hosting more than linux as it allows for a greater degree of security and ease of access for incoming users. For a business owner, this is a huge advantage.

Any Windows operating system that you buy will also come with a warranty. Meaning you can get tech support whenever you need it. Windows also has the largest amount of programs that are compatible with it. If you are a gamer, then Windows is the best choice for your operating system. It is also great for anyone working in a field that requires a lot of databases. Microsoft Excel is one of the industry standards for a good reason.

The main downside to Windows is that it isn’t always the most intuitive system to use. It can be quite restrictive at times. This is a big issue if you are working in programming. And it is very prone to viruses. Being the most popular system also means you are the biggest target for hackers and virus creators. The other main downside is the price tag. Windows systems aren’t cheap. So Linux will be a better option if you are price conscious.

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