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Everybody needs a place to live and as we’ve seen the state of the housing market has fluctuated wildly since the start of the pandemic...

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Why Now Is The Best Time To Rent Instead Of Buy

Why Now Is The Best Time To Rent Instead Of Buy

Everybody needs a place to live and as we’ve seen the state of the housing market has fluctuated wildly since...

The Twitter Purchase: What It Means For Modern Tech

The Twitter Purchase: What It Means For Modern Tech

Twitter, now known as X is a social media platform where people connect and share their thoughts and opinions. The...

Twitter, now known as X is a social media platform where people connect and share ...

Why Now Is The Best Time To Rent Instead Of Buy

Why Now Is The Best Time To Rent Instead Of Buy

Everybody needs a place to live and as we’ve seen the state of the housing market has fluctuated wildly since...

The Twitter Purchase: What It Means For Modern Tech

The Twitter Purchase: What It Means For Modern Tech

Twitter, now known as X is a social media platform where people connect and share their thoughts and opinions. The...

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Why Now Is The Best Time To Rent Instead Of Buy

Why Now Is The Best Time To Rent Instead Of Buy

Everybody needs a place to live and as we’ve seen the state of the housing market has fluctuated wildly since...

The Twitter Purchase: What It Means For Modern Tech

The Twitter Purchase: What It Means For Modern Tech

Twitter, now known as X is a social media platform where people connect and share their thoughts and opinions. The...

There is often a lot of debate in the computing community about which system is ...

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Why Now Is The Best Time To Rent Instead Of Buy

Why Now Is The Best Time To Rent Instead Of Buy

Everybody needs a place to live and as we’ve seen the state of the housing market has fluctuated wildly since...

The Twitter Purchase: What It Means For Modern Tech

The Twitter Purchase: What It Means For Modern Tech

Twitter, now known as X is a social media platform where people connect and share their thoughts and opinions. The...

Why Now Is The Best Time To Rent Instead Of Buy

Why Now Is The Best Time To Rent Instead Of Buy

Everybody needs a place to live and as we’ve seen the state of the housing market has fluctuated wildly since the start of the pandemic in 2019. The reality for many people who used to own homes is that between taxes and general loan prices, home ownership has become difficult if not impossible for many people. So, as we look at the state of things in 2024 it’s not surprising that many people consider renting the better option. So, let’s delve a little deeper into this situation and see why now the best time is to rent instead of purchase a place to live and what trends indicate for the future.

Following the worsening of the situation in the economy at large, it’s no surprise that many people are looking at alternate ways to make money and spend less money on housing. Believe it or not most of the average American’s income goes into housing and the numbers are similar in other Western countries. It’s no wonder that many people are seeing their prospect of home owning become not only impossible but something akin to a fantasy when it comes to planning their futures. The issues when it comes to homeowning ever been exacerbated by short-term rentals as well as long-term rentals being purchased by massive companies both in the United States and in Canada. This has become a problem in many States and the reality is that it will keep being a problem as long as there is no real investigation into the repercussions of these types of land acquisitions.

So, when it comes to getting a line of credit to be able to purchase a home it is difficult especially since most people don’t have any loose income that again put in savings to purchase a home in the future. When you listen to the average person’s spending power the reality is that often when it comes to housing renting is going to be the easier solution especially since it costs less month to month. While renting can be quite difficult for people since you must deal with the landlord as well as many other issues that come with the fact that you do not own the place where you live it does allow you to be able to rely on somebody else to cover some of the issues that could be incurred from living in a building. And while you pay rent you also avoid the issues that come from having a massive loan with the bank and also being a homeowner and taking care of a building.

If you are somebody with a rather low income, especially somebody who’s potentially still in school and working part-time it does become quite obvious that being a renter is much easier. Since a lot of their responsibility lands with the landlord you can also make sure that you have the best renters insurance to protect yourself in case things go bad with your relationship with your landlord or if some repairs are not done despite the landlord’s commitment. At the end of the day what you want is a place to live and make sure that both your belongings as well as your person are protected in case of an accident or any other things that your insurance can cover. Renting also ensures that you have a signed contract that allows you to be safe in your housing for the same period that is covered by the contract.

With the current state of the economy as well as the housing market it does make total sense to say that renting is the best option especially since owning a home is not in the cards for many people. Hopefully, in the future, we can see the housing market become more stable and allow more people to be homeowners but the reality is that right now if you are looking to house yourself renting is your best option for a low cost of living end to potentially be able to save your money for a cash down on the home in the future. Only time will tell how the economy fluctuates and how the housing market changes and while many people benefit from it others would benefit from a return to lower home prices.

The Twitter Purchase: What It Means For Modern Tech

The Twitter Purchase: What It Means For Modern Tech

Twitter, now known as X is a social media platform where people connect and share their thoughts and opinions. The platform has been in existence since 2006 and it has had a lot of global impacts.

The acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk sparked different reactions from its users around the world. Most people wonder what the fate of the company will be after the acquisition takes place. Well, it’s been more than a year since the acquisition took place, and while Twitter has never remained the same, and has lost quite a lot of money, it remains one of the top social media platforms.

While most of the changes made on Twitter are argued to be negatively or positively affecting the company and its users, one undeniable fact is that it now operates on some modern tech. These advancements are aimed at making the Twitter space more conducive and safe for its users.

Read on to learn more about the impact of modern tech on Twitter.

The Impact of Modern Tech on Twitter

As mentioned earlier, the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk has brought about many changes. In this article, we will focus on the technological changes in the new Twitter. Here are some of the impacts of Modern technologies on Twitter

Protection from harmful content

One of the key focuses of the new Twitter is to protect people and advertisers from harmful content among. Rather than going through the traditional method of removing harmful content or tweets and deactivating the culprits account, twitter uses a more advanced technology to handle the situation.

One way of handling this situation is by warning the user trying to make an offensive or controversial post. Some users may not be aware of the trouble their tweets can cause, sending them a warning will help them rethink the decision of making such posts. The purpose of having advanced technology for this context is to help guarantee the safety of both the users and the platform.

Twitter algorithm

Twitter uses modern day algorithm technology to learn about its users. The knowledge of these algorithms is derived from the users clicks and interactions on the platform. The purpose of the Twitter algorithm is to provide personalized recommendations to users. The good thing about this feature is that you can decide whether or not you want your algorithm results to be used as outputs.

A lot of Twitter users benefit from this feature, especially the influencers as it helps their posts to get engagement. If you are looking to optimize your tweets or posted content for twitter algorithms you can do so when you increase your social media presence on twitter and other platforms. The more popular you get, the faster your post gets engagement.

Clearing bots

Technology has a lot of positive impacts on our world today but it has its negative impacts too. Bot creation plays a part in the negative aspects of technology. A lot of hackers have mastered the act of creating bots and sadly, they use it to take advantage of people that fall prey to them.

Most people argue that to every problem, there is a solution. Well, this applies to this situation as Twitter is developing new ways to counter these bots and bot free platforms.

Clearing spams

Spams are popular on most social media platforms and have caused a lot of trouble for their users. Scammers use this method to scam unsuspecting victims. Having unwanted bots on a platform has almost the same consequences as getting spams. Twitter is developing advanced measures to get rid of spams.


One of the many things Elon Musk is known for is creating advanced technology. With this in mind, most people are expecting him to bring a lot of modern day tech to Twitter. So far, as expected, Elon has added some innovative ideas to the platforms and more advancements are still expected in the future.

Some people are of the opinion that Twitter was better off as it was, while others believe the platform is headed to a better space. In all, we just have to keep an open mind and hope for the best.

Windows Vs Linux: Which System Is Right For You?

Windows Vs Linux: Which System Is Right For You?

There is often a lot of debate in the computing community about which system is best out of Apple Or Windows. But, in our opinion, this debate is a bit of a misleading one. Both systems are designed for entirely different purposes. Apple systems are geared more towards casual use and creative endeavors. Whereas Windows are an all round powerhouse designed for far more technical tasks.

The real debate is which system is better out of Linux and Windows. Both are fantastic systems that have a myriad of strengths and weaknesses. What one system excels at, another will fail at. And it all boils down to which system is right for you. Because no two people are alike. And, as such, their system needs will be different. So this guide will walk you through the pros and cons of both systems. So you can make a more informed decision.


Let’s start with Linux. Chances are you will have heard the name. But you might not know exactly what Linux is? Linux is an open source operating system released way back in 1991. Even if you haven’t heard of Linux, you will undoubtedly have seen its influences. Most Android phones run off Linux.

As we said above, Linux is open source. And this is its biggest advantage over Windows. Open Source means that the original source code is publicly available and can be edited by any Linux user. This means the operating system can be modified to fit the user’s needs. If you are working in the field of programming, then this is a huge asset to have at your disposal. Being able to modify your operating system opens up a world of possibilities.

Linux is also completely free to download and use. If you are on a budget then this is a huge advantage over using Windows. There is a fee attached to getting corporate tech support for your Linux OS. But that is negligible when compared to the cost of buying a Windows OS.

The downsides to Linux are quite tough to ignore though. By its very nature, Linux is a more complicated system to navigate. Unless you have a good understanding of how computers work, and a rudimentary understanding of programming, you might struggle to use Linux effectively.

You will also find there are fewer programs designed to work with Linux. Most video games, for example, won’t work on Linux without a lot of work on your end. You can install a secondary desktop on your Linux machine to get these programs to function. But it is a hassle.


Windows is the bread and butter of computer operating systems. It is the industry standard that other systems are measured against. Windows could be seen as the jack-of-all trades, master of none system. It excels in a large number of areas. But, if you looked hard enough, you could find an operating system that does a specific task better.

But it is the wide scope offered by Windows that makes it such a reliable choice. Windows is arguably the best system for hosting servers on. I personally like windows VPS hosting more than linux as it allows for a greater degree of security and ease of access for incoming users. For a business owner, this is a huge advantage.

Any Windows operating system that you buy will also come with a warranty. Meaning you can get tech support whenever you need it. Windows also has the largest amount of programs that are compatible with it. If you are a gamer, then Windows is the best choice for your operating system. It is also great for anyone working in a field that requires a lot of databases. Microsoft Excel is one of the industry standards for a good reason.

The main downside to Windows is that it isn’t always the most intuitive system to use. It can be quite restrictive at times. This is a big issue if you are working in programming. And it is very prone to viruses. Being the most popular system also means you are the biggest target for hackers and virus creators. The other main downside is the price tag. Windows systems aren’t cheap. So Linux will be a better option if you are price conscious.

Breaking Into Real Estate How To Make Smart Investments

Breaking Into Real Estate: How To Make Smart Investments

Over the past few years, we have seen the economy become more and more volatile in many industries but one industry that I still managed to come out on top is of course the real estate industry. For many people, the past decade has been great, especially for those who managed to acquire real estate before the rise in prices during the coronavirus pandemic. But if, as many people, you are somebody who had no prior experience in the real estate business how can you make your way into it to potentially make a great and smart investment? Let’s look at how to understand the real estate industry and what kind of smart investments you can make as a beginner.

One of the most important things to understand about the real estate industry is that first and foremost if you want to get into it you have to buy into it. While many rich people say that you need money to make money in the real estate industry that is very much true. The basic understanding of how the real estate industry works is that if you want to be able to make money you must have money to invest in units that you can purchase work on and eventually sell at a better price. This is what in general we call flipping. Flipping is of course much more complex than just buying it property and reselling it at a better price, but it is a great way to make a lot of money if you are willing to put in the work. So, let’s see how you can manage to find a great investment.

When it comes to selecting a unit that you want to purchase the first thing you need to consider is if you are paying the price that you should be paying. If you are someone who does not have any experience, consider using the services of a licensed inspector or even alongside a real estate agent. Since the market fluctuates a lot being able to understand what prices are right for what unit can be extremely difficult if you have no understanding of how the trends are making the prices change over time. The real estate market as well as its prices are affected not only by the changes in the economy and the industry but also by many other factors. You need to consider the location where you are purchasing your unit and the risks they run. As we see natural disasters such as fires and floods become more and more part of our daily lives it’s important to understand that these things will affect the market.

So, if you understand these basic things that change the phase of the market almost daily it will be much easier to find a unit that you can profit from. The biggest investment on your part comes from both purchasing the unit but also putting the money in that will raise its value. This is why for example many companies are willing to put down the money to purchase homes that have been ravaged by fires or almost that are in very poor condition because it is beneficial to them to put down the money to renovate these units and sell them when the original owner can’t. The companies that offer these services will allow you to sell your house fast for cash in LA, Dallas, or anywhere in the States. So, taking their business model as an example and doing it on a smaller scale for yourself is a great way to bring in some money. You do have to remember that the more money you put in the less you bring back.

So obviously what you want is to make your money work for you. If you want to be able to make money you cannot invest $0.00 you have to put money in, but the idea is of course to make sure that every dollar you put down counts. When it comes to house flipping many people recommend doing the work yourself as you save money that you would spend if you hired people to do the work instead. This of course means that you must work both with your hands and with your head to make sure that you do the work correctly but also do it in a way where you respect the laws and save money. This is why house flipping conceptually is not just an investment it is also a big project that you put a lot of time in. At the end of the day though once the project is done you should make your money back with profit. So, it’s no wonder that both in the media and online there is a lot of talk about real estate investment and many trends around it.

You need to consider that breaking into the real estate industry can be quite difficult as there is a lot of competition from other normal people investors or also from massive companies that are looking to make a massive profit from turning over many units. More and more we have seen massive companies purchase single-family homes to turn them into renting units and this has caused a massive problem both for the industry and for general people who are looking to become homeowners for the first time. If you are somebody who’s looking to purchase homes to flip this can be also very problematic since these companies are looking to get a hold of these plots and never let them go. So, with all of this in mind, you should know that there are still opportunities for you in the real estate industry, and making some real money is still a possibility for you. So like every investment you need to be smart about it and make sure that you count your money properly to maximize your benefits and your profits from your investment. While there is an art to understanding the real estate business the market can still be unpredictable.

Exploring Some of The Hobbies Proven to Boost Creativity

Exploring Some of The Hobbies Proven to Boost Creativity

We have all had a lot of time on our hands over the last couple of years, which has left a lot of us feeling extremely bored. If you are someone that usually considers yourself to be quite creative, then you may have noticed that you have been in quite a rut recently, which is completely understandable given the circumstances. Many of us have spent the majority of the last year stuck in the same routine, which does not leave much room for our creativity to be able to flourish.

One of the best ways to get out of a creative rut is by trying out some new hobbies. Hobbies stimulate your brain, which means you will find it much easier to regain your creativity. Here is a look into some of the hobbies that have been proven to boost creativity.


A great way to indulge yourself in a bit of creativity is by painting. You can paint on essentially any scale you want, from small models, all the way to completely repainting your home. If you find that painting pictures or models isn’t for you, we recommend that you consider moving on to painting the walls within your house. This will give you the chance to find a creative outlet and it will also allow you to bring some new energy to your home. You can finally get rid of any of the drab walls in your house and if you make a mistake, you don’t need to worry as you can always contact contrastpainting in Perth, and they can ensure that your house is painted to the standard that you want.


Pottery is a fantastic way to boost your creativity and can be done by pretty much anyone, regardless of skill set.  Pottery is an extremely rewarding hobby, as you take a pile of clay and make it into something beautiful and even usable. Being a potter is also an extremely impressive skill and if you find that you have a talent for it, you may be able to make it into a business that you can turn a bit of a profit from.

Working with clay has no limitations, so you can make classic pots or you can get really creative and focus on other projects. Something that is very popular right now is making miniature clay statues, which is very fun and surprisingly quite easy.


Something that you may have noticed is that during lockdown many people picked up DIY. If you are someone that spends a lot of time on social media, then you have seen people post their latest projects, which may have put you in the mood to try it out for yourself. You will be glad to know that there are thousands of pages dedicated to giving tips and examples of DIY projects, so if you can’t think of anything, there is bound to be something online that will inspire you.

DIY Jewellery

If you are interested in artistic hobbies, but you don’t like the idea of creating something without practical use, then you should look into DIY Jewellery. Making jewellery gives you the chance to really stretch your artistic muscles, all while having something you can use in your everyday life. This is a great hobby for those of you out there that have the habit of spending a lot of money on jewellery. By picking up this skill, you will be able to make your own, which will save you money and is much more sustainable.

Creative Dishes Inspired By Popular Games

Creative Dishes Inspired By Popular Games

Gaming has influenced many industries due to its popularity. Adding some significant gaming details to products or brands is known to drive traffic and in fact, boost sales.

One of the industries benefiting from the influence of gaming is the food industry. There are a lot of dishes out there that were inspired by popular games.

While some of these dishes are served in restaurants others will serve as cool home-cooked meals or side dishes for kids.

The popular video games that have served as inspirations to the food industry range from both the new advanced video games to some of the older ones.

These gaming-inspired dishes are either made in the form of characters, items or actual dishes from the games.

While creating a video game-inspired dish is often done for the benefits that come with it, we also need to acknowledge the high level of creativity of the person responsible for the creation of the dish.

We will be listing out some of these creative dishes below.

14 Most Creative Dishes Inspired By Popular Video Games

Here are some of the most creative dishes inspired by popular video games:

  1. Super Mario Fire Flowers Appetizers
  2. Bento Xbox
  3. Angry Birds Sandwich
  4. Minecraft Creeper-Crisp Rice Treat
  5. Pac-Man Pizza
  6. Zelda Fruit Salad
  7. Mario Kart 8 Koopa Shell Cake Pops
  8. Super Smash Bros Bento Box
  9. 1UP Mushroom Burger
  10. Pokeball Cakes
  11. Pokemon Go strawberries
  12. Mario Pizza Stuffed Biscuits
  13. Kirby Macaroons
  14. Twenty-Sided Dice Lollipop

Super Mario Fire Flowers Appetizers

If you are a Super Mario fan, you will fancy this dish. Super Mario Fire Flowers Appetizers is a lovely looking delicious snack. Cheese and vegetables were designed like the fire flower in Mario.

Bento Xbox

Bento Xbox was inspired by the Xbox gaming system. It was first popular in Japan and is now gradually spreading across North America. In this dish, rice is used to form an Xbox controller, this is indeed one of the top creative video game-inspired dishes

Angry Birds Sandwich

Angry Bird is one of the most recent games in the industry. It is well-known and loved by kids. If you are looking to get creative with dishes for your kids, you can try creating this angry bird sandwich.

Minecraft Creeper-Crisp Rice Treat

Minecraft is currently one of the most played games for gamers worldwide. This will not serve as a home-cooked dish, it will also be perfect for restaurants.

If you are a Minecraft fan, you will greatly appreciate the concept of this dish. These creepers in the game are represented by creepers-shaped crisp rice.

If you are looking to enjoy more of the Minecraft game, you can find a lot of Minecraft survival servers on some designated platforms.

Pac-Man Pizza

Pac-Man is an iconic game in the history of games, it was once one of the most played games during its time. A Pac-Man fan made a Pac-Man-inspired pizza and uploaded it online and it was fully appreciated by other fans.

Zelda Fruit Salad

Zelda Fruit Salad dish was inspired by the Zelda video game. The design of this particular dish is more complex when compared with others in this list. The dish was made by a fan of Zelda.

Mario Kart 8 Koopa Shell Cake Pops

This traditional cake pop was inspired by the Koopa shells that are always blocking the way in the game. The cake pops are designed exactly like the Koopa shells in Colorful designs and with spikes.

Super Smash Bros Bento Box

The Super Smash Bros Bento Box was inspired by some of the characters in the Nitendo game, Super Smash Bros. Bento Box dishes are known to stand out, and this particular dish is no exemption from others.

1UP Mushroom Burger

We have another Super Mario-inspired dish, the 1UP Mushroom Burger. The top of the burger is designed exactly like the ones in the game with cheese and food colouring. This burger is served in a restaurant and has been said to be delicious.

Pokeball Cakes

This Pokemon-inspired cake is a complete delight for kids. The outside of the cakes are designed like Pokeballs while the insides contain red velvet, vanilla, and plain cake icing.

Pokemon Go Strawberries

Pokemon has always been one of the favorites for kids. The game has been in existence for years and yet it has maintained its relevance. Pokemon Go Strawberry, like the game, is mainly for kids. The fruits are designed to look like the colour scheme of Pikachu and the Pokeball.

Mario Pizza Stuffed Biscuits

Super Mario is a favourite when it comes to making video game-inspired dishes. These pizza-stuffed biscuits were inspired by mushrooms in the Mario game that add to the size and life of Super Mario when gotten.

Kirby Macaroons

Kirby Macaroons was inspired by the old 90s game called Kirby. Kirby was successful during its time, and it is still popular with most gamers. Making Kirby-inspired macarons is very creative and it has a very appealing look.

Twenty-Sided Dice Lollipop

This was inspired by the popular Dungeons and Dragons game. Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy adventure game that has inspired many future games, due to its popularity. The twenty-sided dice lollipop inspiration was derived from the twenty-sided dice used in the game.


Gaming is one of the most successful industries worldwide and its popularity increases by the day. Creating dishes inspired by video games is sure to lead to a positive outcome.