Creative Dishes Inspired By Popular Games

Creative Dishes Inspired By Popular Games



Gaming has influenced many industries due to its popularity. Adding some significant gaming details to products or brands is known to drive traffic and in fact, boost sales.

One of the industries benefiting from the influence of gaming is the food industry. There are a lot of dishes out there that were inspired by popular games.

While some of these dishes are served in restaurants others will serve as cool home-cooked meals or side dishes for kids.

The popular video games that have served as inspirations to the food industry range from both the new advanced video games to some of the older ones.

These gaming-inspired dishes are either made in the form of characters, items or actual dishes from the games.

While creating a video game-inspired dish is often done for the benefits that come with it, we also need to acknowledge the high level of creativity of the person responsible for the creation of the dish.

We will be listing out some of these creative dishes below.

14 Most Creative Dishes Inspired By Popular Video Games

Here are some of the most creative dishes inspired by popular video games:

  1. Super Mario Fire Flowers Appetizers
  2. Bento Xbox
  3. Angry Birds Sandwich
  4. Minecraft Creeper-Crisp Rice Treat
  5. Pac-Man Pizza
  6. Zelda Fruit Salad
  7. Mario Kart 8 Koopa Shell Cake Pops
  8. Super Smash Bros Bento Box
  9. 1UP Mushroom Burger
  10. Pokeball Cakes
  11. Pokemon Go strawberries
  12. Mario Pizza Stuffed Biscuits
  13. Kirby Macaroons
  14. Twenty-Sided Dice Lollipop

Super Mario Fire Flowers Appetizers

If you are a Super Mario fan, you will fancy this dish. Super Mario Fire Flowers Appetizers is a lovely looking delicious snack. Cheese and vegetables were designed like the fire flower in Mario.

Bento Xbox

Bento Xbox was inspired by the Xbox gaming system. It was first popular in Japan and is now gradually spreading across North America. In this dish, rice is used to form an Xbox controller, this is indeed one of the top creative video game-inspired dishes

Angry Birds Sandwich

Angry Bird is one of the most recent games in the industry. It is well-known and loved by kids. If you are looking to get creative with dishes for your kids, you can try creating this angry bird sandwich.

Minecraft Creeper-Crisp Rice Treat

Minecraft is currently one of the most played games for gamers worldwide. This will not serve as a home-cooked dish, it will also be perfect for restaurants.

If you are a Minecraft fan, you will greatly appreciate the concept of this dish. These creepers in the game are represented by creepers-shaped crisp rice.

If you are looking to enjoy more of the Minecraft game, you can find a lot of Minecraft survival servers on some designated platforms.

Pac-Man Pizza

Pac-Man is an iconic game in the history of games, it was once one of the most played games during its time. A Pac-Man fan made a Pac-Man-inspired pizza and uploaded it online and it was fully appreciated by other fans.

Zelda Fruit Salad

Zelda Fruit Salad dish was inspired by the Zelda video game. The design of this particular dish is more complex when compared with others in this list. The dish was made by a fan of Zelda.

Mario Kart 8 Koopa Shell Cake Pops

This traditional cake pop was inspired by the Koopa shells that are always blocking the way in the game. The cake pops are designed exactly like the Koopa shells in Colorful designs and with spikes.

Super Smash Bros Bento Box

The Super Smash Bros Bento Box was inspired by some of the characters in the Nitendo game, Super Smash Bros. Bento Box dishes are known to stand out, and this particular dish is no exemption from others.

1UP Mushroom Burger

We have another Super Mario-inspired dish, the 1UP Mushroom Burger. The top of the burger is designed exactly like the ones in the game with cheese and food colouring. This burger is served in a restaurant and has been said to be delicious.

Pokeball Cakes

This Pokemon-inspired cake is a complete delight for kids. The outside of the cakes are designed like Pokeballs while the insides contain red velvet, vanilla, and plain cake icing.

Pokemon Go Strawberries

Pokemon has always been one of the favorites for kids. The game has been in existence for years and yet it has maintained its relevance. Pokemon Go Strawberry, like the game, is mainly for kids. The fruits are designed to look like the colour scheme of Pikachu and the Pokeball.

Mario Pizza Stuffed Biscuits

Super Mario is a favourite when it comes to making video game-inspired dishes. These pizza-stuffed biscuits were inspired by mushrooms in the Mario game that add to the size and life of Super Mario when gotten.

Kirby Macaroons

Kirby Macaroons was inspired by the old 90s game called Kirby. Kirby was successful during its time, and it is still popular with most gamers. Making Kirby-inspired macarons is very creative and it has a very appealing look.

Twenty-Sided Dice Lollipop

This was inspired by the popular Dungeons and Dragons game. Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy adventure game that has inspired many future games, due to its popularity. The twenty-sided dice lollipop inspiration was derived from the twenty-sided dice used in the game.


Gaming is one of the most successful industries worldwide and its popularity increases by the day. Creating dishes inspired by video games is sure to lead to a positive outcome.

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