The intersection of Technology and Business Models, accelerated by increasingly steep Adoption Curves

Emerging technologies are transforming the world at a speed never seen before. As these technologies reshape the modern world, businesses established in less fluid times are having to make constant, increasingly complex and critical decisions, against the ticking clock of change.

That’s where D/SRUPTION steps in.

D/SRUPTION is a collaborative membership community. We’ve created a unique ecosystem, bringing together business leaders across enterprise, start-up, consultancy, and investments firms to address the key questions around disruption, innovation and digital transformation.
Written for business leaders by business leaders. We draw on the experience and talent of our members to share their expertise, insights and inspiration.


John Straw

John Straw / Founder
John is a leading authority on emerging technologies and author of the guide book to Disruption: iDisrupted. He’s a serial entrepreneur with three successful exits, and an active early stage venture capitalist and Non-Executive Director at several digital and data startups. John advises IBM Watson IoT and McKinsey and Co and was previously Chairman of Thomas Cook’s Digital Advisory Board. John is actively involved in transforming enterprise-level technology strategies as well as creating new entrants and services.


Rob Prevett / Founder and Managing Director
Rob brings 18 years experience launching and running media businesses in the technology sector. Rob was commercial director on the respected industry title, Internet Retailing, for 10 years, after launching it and growing it to become an invaluable powerhouse of events, shows, awards, research and resources for digital retailers. Rob is motivated by bringing together industry experts to push boundaries of knowledge, and disseminating game-changing technological insight to the business community.


Tania Duarte / Head of Marketing
Tania worked for media owners such as Marketing Magazine, Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard before moving into marketing consultancy across a wide range of industry sectors. Her interest in digital transformation and technologies lead her to founding and selling a disruptive ecommerce business, and heading up marketing for tech startups such as FutureLearn. She has an MBA from Ashridge and a Diploma in Digital Business from the Academy of Digital Business Leaders.

laura-coxLaura Cox / Content Manager
Laura is a researcher and writer who began working with D/SRUPTION as an intern in 2015. She has written for a number of publications including technology blog Mind the Horizon, and was News Editor of student magazine The Yorker. She studied BA History at the University of York.


Kev Cooke / Managing Editor

Kev’s focus is on technology, culture and disruption and its impact on business, society and life. An experienced writer, editor and creative director, he helps our contributors shape their work and is usually found talking about things like – creativity, ideation, innovation, future thinking, language, context, culture, advertising, communication, experiential design, behavioural economics, brands, identity and the power of knowledge sharing to effect positive change.

Cam Winstanley / Magazine Editor

Dylan Channon / Production manager

We’re not about looking to future proof your businesses against the impact of unprecedented technological advances, because the future has already landed. The time for action is now, and Disruption is both the challenge and the opportunity.

Why? Because current technological advances are often beyond the realms of fiction, and changes to human behaviour in such uncharted territory are surpassing the borders of fantasy. These two factors are playing out an accelerating cycle of Disruption.

What is Disruption? It is not just a buzzword, it is not just a noun or a heading in a strategy plan. It is not even just a single seismic event.

Disruption is about stepping through the looking glass and finding the world’s rules no longer apply, and have gone forever.

Disruption is not just about the future, it is happening right now and rewriting the future. Every day.

Disruption is not just about the disruptors and disrupted; new businesses taking over from old businesses. It is about disruptors becoming disrupted in the blink of an eye, and about the speed of obsolescence responding with a disrupted order of magnitude.

Disruption is about every decision every organisation takes. Disruption impacts every decision you and your customers take.

You are already making these decisions. We wish to make sure you are qualified.

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Emerging Technologies are reshaping the business world in 2017

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Emerging Technologies are reshaping the business world in 2017

Disruption happens fast. Sign up for our Free weekly updates and analysis bulletin, and keep up to speed.

We won't share your email with a 3rd party

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