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DisruptionHub is an independent community connecting leaders in digital, technology and transformation.

Through expert articles, leadership dinners, industry summits and a revolutionary awards programme DisruptionHub delivers the best and latest thinking around The Future Of Work, Customer Experience and Digital Infrastructure.

Since 2015 we have worked with Europe’s leading organisations to help deepen their understanding around digital disruption and what it takes to build successful, digitally resilient organisations that deliver positive impact for people and the planet.

Written for business leaders by business leaders. We draw on the experience and talent of our members to share their expertise, insights and inspiration.

Emerging Technologies and Innovative new Business Models are transforming the world at a speed never seen before.

As these technologies reshape the modern world, organisations established in less fluid times are having to make constant, increasingly complex and critical decisions, against the ticking clock of change.

That’s where DisruptionHub steps in.

The world is changing.

Join DisruptionHub as we learn how to deal with it.


  • Understand

    Understand the technologies and business models transforming organisations for the 21st century

  • Plan

    Plan more effectively with the best and latest thinking around The Future of Work, Customer Experience and Digital Infrastructure

  • Risks

    Understand the risks and opportunities disruption will bring to your organisation.

  • React

    React more quickly to technological changes.

  • Stay Ahead

    Stay ahead of the curve with insights and opinions from experts at the forefront of innovation.

  • Track

    Track the velocity of change across a range of business sectors with our regular trend reports.

We’re not about looking to future proof your businesses against the impact of unprecedented technological advances, because the future has already landed. The time for action is now, and Disruption is both the challenge and the opportunity.

Why? Because current technological advances are often beyond the realms of fiction, and changes to human behaviour in such uncharted territory are surpassing the borders of fantasy. These two factors are playing out an accelerating cycle of Disruption.

What is Disruption? It is not just a buzzword, it is not just a noun or a heading in a strategy plan. It is not even just a single seismic event.

Disruption is about stepping through the looking glass and finding the world’s rules no longer apply, and have gone forever.

Disruption is not just about the future, it is happening right now and rewriting the future. Every day.

Disruption is not just about the disruptors and disrupted; new businesses taking over from old businesses. It is about disruptors becoming disrupted in the blink of an eye, and about the speed of obsolescence responding with a disrupted order of magnitude.

Disruption is about every decision every organisation takes. Disruption impacts every decision you and your customers take.

You are already making these decisions. We wish to make sure you are qualified.