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It’s great to hear you’re interested in being a guest contributor to DisruptionHub

We are a home for intelligent opinion, comment and debate on business, disruption, innovation and technology, and are interested in the wider lessons we can learn from your particular area of specialisation.

This includes the identification of economic, commercial and socio-political concerns; and discussion of how your topic affects us now and in the future.

Ideally you’ll provide a long term view on the impact of your particular subject matter, backed up with evidence – not just the hype or white noise surrounding a new business, technology or innovation.

Please note – in general, we only publish articles by people with an established reputation and expertise in their particular area of specialisation, usually business leaders or academics – however, all pitches and submitted articles are read and we will consider publishing an article from you regardless of your background if you meet the required standards.

Controversial opinions or those differing from the norm are welcome, as are more mainstream views. However all articles must go into depth and bring something interesting and new to our audience.

We don’t want subjectivity, personal attacks or sales pitches, but we do want to hear what you have to say, and any article submitted must be original and must not already be published elsewhere.

When submitting a pitch or an article for review – Please include your biography and any other information that will help us learn about who you are and your experience and expertise.

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