Interview: Chrissie Lightfoot – Disruption Summit Europe Speaker

How Will Automation Impact the Legal Sector

In the first of our interviews with speakers at the upcoming Disruption Summit Europe, DISRUPTIONHUB’s Cam Winstanley meets Chrissie Lightfoot, founder of Robot Lawyer Lisa.

Chrissie Lightfoot quit being a solicitor eight years ago when she felt that the legal system was resisting change that would benefit consumers. Determined to push disruptive change from the outside, her latest venture is the free-to-use Robot Lawyer LISA.

What is LISA?

Legal Intelligence Support Assistant – the world’s first impartial AI lawyer. The first product is a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which negates the use of lawyers on both sides by starting in the middle ground between both

How does someone use LISA?

It’s a cloud-based AI that sits on an AI platform surfaced through a URL, so you can access it from a computer
or smartphone. LISA asks a series of questions then the created document is sent to the receiver to review. They then use LISA to help with any changes before the revised NDA is sent back to the initiator.
Once everyone is happy, the document is ready to be signed by both parties. LISA is unique in being a two-way AI app. Nothing else out there caters for two sides sorting something out together.

It’s that simple?

And that’s why it’s disruptive, because LISA challenges the traditional behaviour of lawyers who fan the flames to increase the time and costs the parties need in order to reach the middle ground that lawyers know they will inevitably end up at. LISA benefits consumers and businesses by ‘brain-dumping’ the high end thinking of a lawyer’s knowledge and experience into an AI platform and then allowing this to support the users in their own decision making.

How can ‘free’ be a viable model for lawyers?

I believe lawyers need to start giving stuff away at the bottom – the ‘low hanging fruit’ – so they have time to provide the high-end legal and strategic advice that should, quite rightly, be charged at their higher rates. This is what my co-founder, solicitor Adam Duthie of Duthie & Co LLP, is doing.  Some of the businesses that Duthie law firm currently supports with free services will become the next Facebook, so ultimately, everyone benefits.

With LISA, we’re approaching the same issue from the bottom coming upwards. We’re saying that any lawyer can brain-dump their entire legal knowledge and experience into AI apps. Then, instead of charging for one-on-one legal support, which is very limited, their app can be scaled to service thousands of existing and potential clients through the cloud. It’s a technology-based business model but it still pays.


Chrissie Lightfoot is one of the World’s Top  Legal Futurists and will be taking part in our panel discussion on The Impact of AI and Automation on Traditional Job Roles at Disruption Summit Europe on 5th September.

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