Why the new name?

From iDisrupted to DISRUPTIONHUB – the story so far

In late 2014 fascinated by the pace of technological change John Straw co-authored the book iDisrupted, an incisive and authoritative look at how business models were changed by emerging digital technologies.

idisrupted-bookThe book proved to be a huge success and a website followed soon after keeping the themes from the book current; providing commentary on the manifestations and developments of the models John had identified. The website rapidly attracted the attention of business leaders across the globe and iDisrupted was born.

Fast-forward a couple of years and iDisrupted had grown to over 17,000 subscribers. With the speed and impact of change being as significant as iDisrupted had predicted, our ability to expertly curate the risks and opportunities of the various disruptive technologies has become both more widely sought after… and more complex. As a result, we have grown and undergone our own transformation in order to address this need more comprehensively.

We have changed our name to DISRUPTIONHUB as a more appropriate way to recognise that disruption is now no longer entirely digital. John’s work at the forefront of business transformation with companies such as IBM, McKinsey, and successful startup exits has identified that it relates to the combination of three things:

  1. Digital technology

  2. Business model enablement

  3. Adoption curve

disruption-magazine-1To compliment our online activities we have now launched a quarterly print publication to reflect the variety of ways business leaders need to usefully digest media amidst the overwhelming noise of the information age. Expanding on our popular email digests we can now provide greater levels of analysis and advice from expert practitioners and advisors within the magazine format. Serendipitous discovery, particularly for frequent travellers, is often enhanced by a physical source; customer journeys are not purely digital. But for those who would rather read the magazine online, you can find it HERE

Later this year we will open up a members hub containing a definitive library of resources such as guides and case studies. The Disruption Hub is for business leaders, start-ups, practitioners, startups and consultants who need or want to find out more about how to incorporate, adapt, or just stay abreast of emerging technologies. To be notified of these resources, you can register your interest HERE

Thank you to the thousands of subscribers who have been with us as on this exciting journey navigating this unprecedented time- the collision of the present with the future. We hope that you, and our new members will join us as we continue to join up the dots, to help organisations plot informed and transformative courses.