What’s on at Disruption Summit Europe 2017

Just a few day to go!

Tuesday 5th of September will see the launch of the inaugural Disruption Summit Europe hosted by DISRUPTIONHUB in partnership with PA Consulting Group.

Throughout the day, speakers representing some of Europe’s leading organisation and most innovative startups will take to the stage to discuss transformative technologies and the impact of disruption on enterprise. We asked a handful of our 50 strong speakers  what delegates can expect from their talks. . . here’s just a few to look forward to:

In ‘The Rise of the Human Hive Mind’, AI expert Dr Louis Rosenberg will explain the use of Artificial Swarm Intelligence to connect the intellect of hundreds of human minds, and discusses how the technology will help humanity to remain relevant in the age of AI.

Margaret Rice-Jones, Chairman of CTRLio and Openet, examines the success of shared leadership models in disruptive situations in her much anticipated talk  ‘Leadership Models for Disruptive Companies’.

In his discussion on 3D printing, VP at Stratasys Expert Services, Dr Phil Reeves will focus on the business impact of the disruptive technology.

And, Lord Jim Knight, Chief Education Advisor at TES, will challenge attendees to consider a new model for investor, customer and social wealth, which combines both monetary and societal value.

We’re excited to be welcoming such a breadth of expertise from both established businesses such as Unilever, Ocado, and Coca Cola as well as some truly disruptive startups including  CenturyTech, Chirp, Automata, and many more.

We’re also looking forward to a number of panel discussions including ‘Open Innovation’, chaired by Springwise CEO and author James Bidwell who aims to track the evolution of open innovation, predict the future of innovative collaboration, and provide examples of both failure and success. Business leaders will be asked to identify the main disruptive threats to businesses, the most significant technologies within enterprise, and the most effective methods for navigating disruption and if you’re interested in his work, James Bidwell further expands on these topics in his book DISRUPT! 100 Lessons in Business Innovation.

Speakers and panels will be split into two ‘tracks’, the Disruption Track and the Innovation Track. Attendees can visit the Disruption Track for an insight into the major technological forces at play which will influence the future of business. On the Innovation Track, major disruptors highlight the changes that companies must make to succeed in an era of disruption.

For more information and tickets please visit https://disruption-summit.com/.