Disrupted dieting – Weight Watchers disrupted by fitness trackers

Fitness trackers multifunctionality disrupts legacy weight loss businesses

Weight Watchers shares dropped the most since their market debut more than 13 years ago, after the dieting company’s earnings forecast fell well short of analysts’ expectations. The company has faced declining

subscriptions and revenue as consumers migrate to digital methods for counting calories and keeping in shape. Weight Watchers International Inc. on Thursday reported that quarterly revenue had declined for the eighth straight period.

With consumers paying more attention to how many calories they are burning from exercise or everyday activities, fitness gadgets have surged in popularity, with 51.2 million American adults using applications to track their health, according to Nielsen. That is making it harder for Weight Watchers to justify subscriptions starting at $20 a month, since activity trackers can be paired with free mobile apps that make it easy to analyse caloric input and output.