At A Glance – The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

A revolution in smart things

The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is, at first glance, pretty self explanatory. It’s the Internet of Things, with embedded Artificial Intelligence. By 2022, Gartner expects more than 80 per cent of enterprise IoT projects to feature an AI component. What this means in light of IoT expansion, improved connectivity, and the maturity of AI itself, is monumental.

The convergence of different technologies is as much a strategy as a trend, merging capabilities to create better outcomes. By combining AI and the IoT, connected objects turn from passive sensors into data learning machines. The IoT benefits from AI’s advanced data analytics capabilities, while AI applications receive real time information from extensive networks. Without AI, the data that circulates in the IoT would fail to reach its full potential and, without the IoT, AI systems would be without rich data.

Perhaps the most obvious example of AIoT in use is in retail products. Smart speakers, for instance, actively listen and adapt to changes in user requirements and environments. Other smart home appliances and wearables do the same. Considered alongside the Industrial Internet of Things (the IIoT), the importance of AI in connected networks becomes even clearer. The IIoT enhances industrial systems by improving Machine to Machine and Human to Machine communications, and by harnessing sensor data to make networks run more efficiently. Add in the power of AI, and supply chains will become healthier, better connected, and less prone to malfunction.

Applying AI to IoT devices is also a step towards IoT Data as a Service, in which the information gathered by smart things informs decision making. This demonstrates the movement from product to service, forcing products to offer users more than functionality. Through the AIoT, objects will maximise their potential both within networks and as stand alone devices.

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