How to Make the Most out of Your Data

Data driven decision making is a vital part of running a business

If a company is failing to use data in the right ways, or is uncertain about what data is available, then this can seriously impact revenues. But how can teams get the most out of their data, and put insights into action? Tableau, a visual analytics company founded in 2003, has the answer.

“Data is something that every company has. It’s one of their biggest assets, and if they’re not using it properly they’re losing that asset,” says Jean Paul Rantac, Marketing Campaigns Specialist at Tableau. “Our mission statement is to help people see and understand their data. With Tableau, you can create real time visual analytics anywhere you want. You can find new insights about your data.”

In a five part, live webinar series launching on September 19th, the company aims to show that businesses can use their own metrics to make data driven decisions using Tableau software. Instead of telling viewers why their businesses can benefit from the technology, live videos will demonstrate how Tableau uses Tableau to maximise efficiency.

“What makes us different is that we use our own products,” says Jean-Paul. “Every one of our employees has access to the software, and they can use it to make their own decisions.”

The first webinar, hosted by two sales experts, will outline the ways that accessible software has empowered salespeople and informed forecasts. The following webinars will focus on Finance, IT, Human Resources and Marketing, each led by department directors. Every session will involve short demos, an explanation of how to spot key insights and examples of how these strategies have been put into practise within Tableau itself.

Whilst most people understandably view data analytics as complicated, the webinar series wants to prove that insights can, and should, be accessible to anyone. Through a drag and drop interface, users can share data in real time.

“If you can use a laptop, you can use Tableau,” says Jean-Paul.

The ability to use simple, concise software platforms to enable independent decision making is clearly an asset to businesses. Quality data analysis can help to solve some of the key problems that can impact businesses across the scale. In marketing, for example, keeping track of the performance of campaigns can tell a company whether or not their strategy has been successful. These insights can be as simple as monitoring the daily health of a business’ funds. By equipping clients with the necessary tools to understand digital metrics, Tableau is empowering customers to ask and consequently answer their own questions, without relying on external software.

The creation of a webinar series, available at no cost to anyone with an internet connect, reflects the company’s long standing commitment to ensuring accessibility. According to Jean-Paul, the sessions are designed to benefit viewers who may not have even heard of Tableau before. The first session will begin on September 19th at 11am BST.

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