SteamaCo: Improving Access To Energy

Solving connectivity issues for the 2 billion people in the world without access to electricity

SteamaCo provides smart energy meters for utilities companies in emerging markets. Founded in 2012, the company started life as a wind turbine manufacturer in Kenya, when founder Harrison Leaf started exploring renewable energy generation to replace costly and dangerous diesel generators, wood fuel, and kerosene lamps.

After evolving into a mini grid developer, SteamaCo realised that crucial advanced metering technology was missing from energy infrastructure in remote locations. Now operating from Manchester Science Park, the company is using its smart meter technology to solve internet connectivity challenges – helping people all over the world who have little or no access to electricity.

SteamaCo’s smart meter enables utility companies to connect their assets – such as power stations and energy infrastructures – and end consumers of electricity to online services. This helps utility companies to provide power even when internet connectivity fluctuates.

Along with their smart meters which are purchased as a one-off cost, SteamaCo also provides SaaS energy management to utility companies through the cloud.

The business’s strong connection with Manchester University’s Computer Science Department has been instrumental in sourcing the engineering talent needed to develop and maintain a reliable digital product.

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