Understanding Generation Alpha

The next generation of consumers will be upon us before we know it.

The next generation of young people will have unprecedented exposure to technology. Generation Alpha – a term coined by social researcher Mark McCrindle to describe the cohort of people born in 2010 onwards – will play, learn and interact in new ways. They are born into a landscape in which devices are intelligent, everything is connected and physical and digital environments merge into one. As they grow up, technologies that appear new or unusual to older generations will be a normal part of their lives, and will shape their experiences, attitudes and expectations of the world. Some neuro-scientists and psychologists even believe that their minds will be in some ways different to those of previous generations.

This report aims to shed some light on the impact of technology and culture on this emerging generation, approaching the issue from three main perspectives:

The effects of technology on the minds of Generation Alpha

The technological trends that will define this generation

How organisations and brands can reach Generation Alpha

Hotwire Global have taken a look at what makes Generation Alpha tick – everything from how they think to how they interact with technology on a day-to-day basis.

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