Transforming Agriculture With Data-Driven Insights

The race is on to capitalise on the opportunities presented by digital agritech.

The latest technologies make use of data to drive value through increased productivity and efficiency. For example, new machines can pinpoint individual weeds and target them with herbicide automatically, while drones can evaluate an entire field to better project crop yield.

This is creating excitement among agriculture’s biggest players, with major investments flowing into innovation.

With these advancements making it possible to understand the agriculture value chain in new ways, PA Consulting Group has investigated 11 established businesses and 200 start-ups to map the evolving digital agritech landscape.

Read the report to:

  • Understand how agritech companies can make better use of data
  • Discover the leaders in the race to become the dominant player
  • Explore how to create a sustainable revenue model in the new landscape
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