The Values Shield: Protecting Your Business from Crisis

UK marketing leaders are less concerned about crisis events than the global average

We live in an age of the everyday crisis and while you may not be able to see into the future, you can plan for it.

We’re not talking about minor inconvenience. In short, a sensitive issue can escalate into a full-blown crisis with potentially dire consequences. At worst, this could prove fatal for your business, irrespective of whether you’re a consumer facing firm or a B2B player.

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  • Over half (65%) of Business Decision Makers would terminate a business relationship within a week. 24% would take action within a single day
  • Almost 40% of consumers have already walked away from brands due to unsatisfactory communications around high stakes events
  • Consumers overall have a strong awareness of their personal values, and those values influence their buying behaviour at least some of the time (68%)

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