Plastics and Packaging: what’s the sustainability challenge?

Concerns over plastic waste have never been more prominent in the minds of consumers

Growing environmental awareness and negative media attention have turned plastics from a ubiquitous wonder material into a source of public outrage for those businesses which continue to use them. The reality is somewhere in between.

In this eBook prelude to the full research report, we share insights from John Lewis, Mondelez, and PA Consulting to explore one of the most pressing issues of the modern business world.

What are the major challenges and strategies of business leaders when it comes to plastics and packaging?

Read on to download the eBook and find out ways to get involved in the research.

Sections include:

  • Tackling sustainable use of plastics and packaging in consumer goods
  • A complex issue
  • Changing consumer attitudes
  • Evolving legislation
  • Setting goals and ambition
  • Technology and innovation
  • Ways to engage with research
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