Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Are you AI-ready? How will AI’s adoption transform business and what will its expansion mean for society?

In this special report, DisruptionHub draws on industry trends, statistical evidence and expert observations to explore the most challenging questions surrounding Arti cial Intelligence today.

But first thing’s first. What does AI mean? We start with a concise definition of AI and a glossary of need-to-know terms, then quickly go through AI’s development in a visual timeline.

In the main body of this report, DisruptionHub tracks the investment landscape to understand why AI funding has increased, where this funding is coming from and how the market might develop. Through an examination of different industry sectors and real-world examples, we discuss AI’s advantages and potential applications. We also consider the Artificial Intelligence timeline effect of AI adoption on the world of work, including what possible actions employees can take in order to cope with or mitigate its disruptive impact.

Then there are the regulatory implications of AI that have added yet another layer of complexity to AI adoption, contributing to growing tensions between governments and corporations. Can big businesses be trusted to develop AI applications that benefit society?

DisruptionHub offers six key considerations for organisations when applying an AI strategy and looks at the implications for society generally. While the end point of AI’s trajectory is still hotly debated, expert opinions demonstrate a notable level of agreement.

Three case studies then demonstrate how industry leaders are already using AI to their advantage. After looking at them, we pose a series of questions that every organisation should ask as it develops its own AI vision.

  • How can you make sure that your employees understand the importance of data and how it fits into an overall AI vision?
  • Have you chosen the right vendor to offer ease of use, algorithmic ability and a user-friendly interface?
  • Does AI complement or confuse your business’ overall objectives?
  • Do you have an appropriate management team to navigate the complex interplay between humans and machines?
  • Have you created a governance structure that enables you and your employees to trust AI to make crucial decisions?

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