AI and Robotics Automation in Consumer-Driven Supply Chains

The linear models of many consumer goods supply chains are now shifting towards consumer-led, data-driven, highly complex supply networks.

The consumer increasingly drives innovation from the heart of the network, demanding mass product customisation, more accurate synchronisation, and faster multichannel retail responsiveness.

Going far beyond the abilities of the typical workforce and infrastructure, these shifts require instant visibility, quick decision-making and increased flexibility.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics automation have the potential to overcome these challenges and revolutionise consumer goods supply chains.

For organisations willing to embrace this inevitable evolution, AI and Robotics automation will enable innovation, ensure optimum service levels and deliver growth at low cost. It will become a major source of competitive advantage.

PA explains the various AI and Robotics automation technologies, give examples of companies that are successfully applying them and answer your key questions.

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  • How can my company take it forward – or go further?
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