“Oh look, there’s a train!”

What does the future of transportation look like? A blend between a spaceship, a train and an autonomous vehicle. Nick Earle, SVP of Global Field Operations for Hyperloop One, joins us in the studio to explain how the work they are doing could change the lives of billions of people.



Nanobot sperm – https://i.imgur.com/s18aDQB.gifv

Nissan self-parking chairs – https://twitter.com/futurism/status/899091973004435456

‘YuMi’ robot conductor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fohc1Qg-rQU


Thanks to Nick Earle and the Hyperloop One team. – https://hyperloop-one.com

Alexa Stop is supported by Manifesto and Wirehive, recorded live in London, UK.