Alexa STOP! Podcast

By Robert Belgrave & Jim Bowes

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Two technology CEOs — Jim Bowes and Robert Belgrave — discuss how technology is changing our lives, joined every month by a special guest from the industry. Supported by DisruptionHub Magazine.


“Great design is timeless” Live @ Brompton HQ ft. Will Butler-Adams OBE

Coming to you live from the Brompton factory, Rob and Jim are joined by Will Butler-Adams OBE, CEO of Brompton Bicycles, to discuss the amazing […]


“Positive Friction” SXSW2019 ft. Hannah Matthews

It’s the 2019 SXSW round-up episode! The guys are joined in the studio by Hannah Matthews, Managing Partner at Karmarama, to talk about her experiences […]


“Put your tech down and give someone a hug” ft. Rod Banner

For the second episode of 2019 the guys are joined by Rod Banner to discuss what’s wrong with Big Tech and how its focus could […]


“Oh look, there’s a train!”

What does the future of transportation look like? A blend between a spaceship, a train and an autonomous vehicle. Nick Earle, SVP of Global Field […]


“Free music and tuna”

Innovation and Blockchain are the stars of the show this month, as Lawrence Weber, Managing Partner – Innovation at Karmarama, joins Jim and Rob in […]


“Digital Cocaine”

We’re joined by Pete Trainor, Director of Human Focused Digital at Nexus CX and Silja Litvin, Founder and CEO at PsycApps, for an AI & […]


“Say yes to everything.”

We’re joined by Julie Dodd and Emma Lawton from Parkinsons UK to talk all things health tech. Emma developed Parkinsons at age 29 while working […]


“Forlornly wave among the clickbait”

This month Jim and Rob are joined by Dan Machen, Innovation Director at Hey Human, to talk about his TEDx talk ‘Unchanging Man: Relationships, Behaviours […]


“South by South.. what?!”

Jim and Rob debate the United airlines debacle, hacked road signs and computer assisted thought. They also reflect on if the best is yet to […]


“Beware the AI guru.”

Jim and Rob are joined by Syd Lawrence, Co-founder of the Bot Platform, to discuss how to deliver successful bots. Talking points include pitfalls of […]