The Most Influential Technologies Of 2018

We asked DISRUPTIONHUB readers what they thought… The results are in

Disruptive technologies are shaping markets and guiding business priorities, but which of these transformative technologies will be the most influential over the coming year? DISRUPTIONHUB polled more than 1,000 readers from multinational businesses, consultancies, startups and investment firms to find out.

1,063 respondents were invited to choose from six options – 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Other. It comes as no surprise that AI received the majority of votes (just over 42 per cent), mirroring rapidly growing interest in artificially intelligent solutions. Businesses across the scale are keen to implement AI visions, and now have the resources to do so in the form of open source AI platforms.

Blockchain was the second most popular option at 24.5 per cent, representing an ongoing shift in attitudes towards the hotly debated technology. Despite fierce criticism from major financial figures, corporations are beginning to realise blockchain’s vast potential across industries. 169 votes went to the Internet of Things, making up less than 16 per cent. Although there are expected to be more than 20 billion connected items by 2020, it appears that the extensive reach of the IoT is yet to be realised. Similarly, the development of super fast, highly reliable internet connectivity via 5G received just 10 per cent of votes. However, without 5G, transformative technology will struggle to evolve.

Only 4.42 per cent of readers thought that Mixed Reality would be the most influential technology of 2018. Given the recent surge in VR for both business and entertainment purposes and the expansion of Augmented Reality apps across sectors, this is an interesting result. The remaining 30 respondents (2.82 per cent) who chose Other were asked to suggest an alternative answer. This included robotics, clean energy and self driving cars, with 3D printing as the most popular option.

The poll results demonstrate a clear recognition among readers that AI is a force to be reckoned with, and could hint at concerns over exactly what this means for businesses. While AI’s dominance was to be expected, the huge divide between Artificial Intelligence and the five alternative choices stands as testament to just how vital it is perceived to be. Respondents seemed to be less aware of other technologies that will be vital in enabling the development of others – e.g., 5G and the Internet of Things. Without high quality connectivity, AI could struggle to reach its full potential.DISRUPTIONHUB POLL RESULT Influential Technologies

Do you agree that AI will be the most influential technology of 2018? What other technologies will have a particular impact? Is there a lack of awareness when it comes to 5G and the Internet of Things?

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