Issue #9

The Business of Change

Adopting a more dynamic approach to uncertainty.

In this issue:

Change is a force for progress, exploration and growth. While it can be hard, facing change forces us to develop, move and adapt. Since change is always happening, the question is – do you choose to let it happen to you, or do you take an active role in shaping that change to make a better world? In this edition we explore:

  • The Business of Change – how the platform and the ecosystem are shaping adaptive organisations by Haydn Shaughnessy.
  • The Changing Nature of Competition – Is collaboration replacing competition?
  • Putting Sustainability at the Heart of Innovation – Mark Lancelott on the need to put sustainability front and centre within business.
  • Finding Balance in a Cut-Throat World – Jonathan Keyser on how a more considerate approach in business is not only better, it is also more profitable.

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