Issue #7

Profit and Purpose

Why they can and should go hand in hand.

In this issue:

In this issue, we tackle the topic of Purpose. Now far more than a tick box or a CSR issue, we explore the idea of purpose as a primary driver behind profitable problem-solving. Other topics discussed include the value of open data, the impact of quantum technologies on your industry and the three Ps of Personalisation, Privacy and Purpose. 

  • Win-win with a purpose economy. How should businesses do the right and the most profitable thing at the same time?
  • The beginnings of Open Data. Could businesses follow some governments an open up its data for a greater good? Neal Gandhi explains. 
  • Personalisation privacy and purpose – defining the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of modern organisations. 
  • Quantum technologies in business and how are they being applied practically in a move that will affect us all by Rhys Lewis.
  • The disruption of empathy: Why caring should be your core value, not a bolt-on, Minter Dial discusses.
  • BigTech baking: Tony Fish explains how data owned by Amazon positions it to rival FinTech as an online bank.

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