Issue #2

Everything is Connected

From the cars we drive to the clothes we wear, the Internet of Things is set to change our world forever.

In this issue:

Billions of ‘smart’ objects are joining the online conversation as the Internet of Things (IoT) grows at a breathtaking pace. The businesses should understand how to exploit the potential of IoT and start integrating intelligent, predictive, collaborative and autonomous products. An entirely new form of interaction is emerging – a connected world. In this issue:

  • Anatomy of the IoT: why the data generated by IoT machines might have a cash value? Dave Locke from IBM explains.
  • When cars connect: The value of making the world’s vehicles a major part of the IoT by Marcello Tamietti.
  • AI versus skillset. How your future depends on whether you have a ‘proficiency’ or a ‘pivotal’ role in your business. George Zarkadakis looks at which roles will be disrupted by AI.
  • Augmented reality: the role of computer vision in redefining web searches by Omai Hiwaizi and Sam Ashken. 


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