Issue #6

Ecosystem Thinking

In this issue:

For radical transformation to happen organisations must start to think and act differently throughout the business. From employees to the board and to the shareholders, an understanding that the cost of inaction will far outweigh the cost of action – short term pain for long term gain. In this issue we discuss:

  • Ecosystem thinking to encourage economic development by Haydn Shaughnessy.
  • From city to place – while technology is a key component in smart city planning, it is not the only one, Philip Brunkard from BT Business says.
  • Are subscriptions the future of the auto industry? Jonathan Carrier explains that what we need is more integrated transport solution.
  • If you can’t launch a product in eight weeks… you never will. Intrapreneur Greg Larkin will show you how and why to do it.
  • Blockchain: beyond the hype. Eight sectors with real practical applications.

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