Issue #8


When industry, technology and mindset merge.

In this issue:

In this edition, you’ll find out more about what happens when businesses, technologies and purpose converge: from George Zarkadakis’ assessment of the deconstruction of the firm and Rob Gear’s approach to the sustainability crisis, to Tina Woods’ analysis of the Market of One. Other themes include:

  • Culture, change and digital transformation. Alan Brown explains why understanding cultural change is the key to successful digital transformation.
  • The Artificial Intelligence of Things. Why Artificial Intelligence and the IoT are a match made in technological heaven.
  • Robotic Process Automation: Why automating tasks isn’t stealing jobs but is actually liberating workforces, Ciara MacCooey explains.
  • The business case for open data. How can organisations profit by sharing more?
  • FinTech convergence: Why the financial services industry is well suited to be disrupted by tech advances, Helene Panzarino discusses. 

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