September Issue
Issue #4

The Balance of Power

In this issue:

Disruption has become a hot topic in business, moving beyond being a buzzword or a trend to rapidly become the new normal. From artificial intelligence and the rise of chatbots through to robotics and the Internet of Things, emerging technologies and innovative business models are driving the huge paradigm shifts that many established organisations are simply failing to grasp. The disruption, however, is affecting not only businesses but also people. Here, we discuss how the increasing technological disruption shifts our societal models and presents new issues regarding ethics, morality, and rules to be written in order to keep the balance of power between humans and robots. 

  • I am not a robot. Should we draft a Bill of Rights for the Digital Age before we enter the Age of Robots? Gerd Leonhard, the author of ‘Technology vs Humanity’, discusses. 
  • Machine morality. What ethical considerations come with letting robots into our lives, homes and places of work.
  • Robotic process automation. The growing digital workforce that is enabling faster and more efficient back-office services by Rob Hughes. 
  • Why should I care about the Internet of Things? Why even successful product manufacturers should embrace the move to ‘always be online’ – Timothy Chou explains.
  • The best of both worlds. The rise of mixed reality across medical, design and entertainment sectors by Leila Martine from Microsoft UK.
  • Cyber attack first response: what to do when you’re hacked in order to not only protect your assets but also catch the attacker? Benjamin Hosack advises. 

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