May 2017 Magazine Cover
Issue #3

Artificial Intelligence

AI: Why making machines that are smarter than us could be humanity’s best ever decision… or its worst.

In this issue:

Artificial intelligence has become a red-hot topic for the board room as it has the capacity to quickly solve complex problems while still offering huge cost-saving efficiencies. It’s exciting to imagine the possibilities of AI but what happens when this technology surpasses human abilities and knowledge? While this isn’t a pressing issue in 2017, now is certainly the time to safeguard against a future where we will no longer be the smartest species on the planet. In this issue, we discuss:

  • Are we done owning stuff? IoT powered rental using the ‘product-as-a-service’ model.
  • Managing change: Best practice for companies facing digital transformation by Maggie Lonergan.
  • The rise of the human hive mind. Pushing back the threat of AI domination by pulling together by Louis Rosenberg, founder of Unanimous AI.
  • White collar AI: How at risk are office jobs from advances in AI?
  • 10 chatbots to try. A selection of the latest AI-powered apps to hit the market.
  • Where do the ads go? How the likes of Amazon Echo have created existential angst for advertisers. 

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