Interview: Julia MacMillan – Why Are There So Few Women in Technology?

Driving Diversity in Tech

In the UK, only 17 per cent of technology workers are female. In schools, the number of girls that choose to study STEM subjects is consistently low, contributing to the lack of women who then go on to pursue careers in tech. Various reasons have been offered as to why this is the case, including the sweeping generalisation that females lack confidence in their own ability. Of course, it’s far more complicated than that. As data scientist, entrepreneur and Women in Kaggle founder Julia MacMillan explains:

“In reality it’s a hugely complex and, more importantly, insidious problem. Being a little more flippant, I think that sadly it’s an extension of general prejudice surrounding the capabilities of anybody that’s not a young, white, straight male! People are always scared of difference when it represents the unknown and the more insular a society or a community, whether that be a workplace or a wider environment, the more reluctant they are to let it in.”

Starting a female revolution
In order to help women to find their feet in what can often seem like a hostile environment, Julia set up