Innovation Is The Key To Progress

Most of us accept innovation is critical to a business’s existence – if you keep doing the same thing, says Frazer Bennett, PA’s Chief Innovation Officer, the world will change around you and you’ll get left behind. In fact, when we surveyed business leaders for our Innovation Matters research, 66 per cent said their organisations wouldn’t survive without innovation.

To ensure they stay relevant, then, companies need to do all they can to embrace innovation.

That means having a board that’s looking to the possibilities of AI, a leadership team that’s tuned to the demands of their hyper-connected customers, and a company-wide culture that’s always looking for the next disruptive idea.

These are just some of the challenges our clients come to us with every day, and it’s our unique approach to innovation that overcomes them. In our 75-year history, we’ve had to look time and again at how we can innovate to best our competition, which has led to some creative responses, like investing in our Global Innovation and Technology Centre in Cambridge.

Having such a unique space filled with more than 250 engineers and scientists has made us more than an innovative consultancy, we can also make ingenious ideas a reality. That’s why our clients throw their toughest challenges at us, trusting us to find the solution and implement it.

Take Monica Healthcare, for example. The company specialises in creating innovative wearable devices that monitor the health of unborn babies, but it wanted help to take its tech to the next level. By working with our healthcare experts, we uncovered an often-fatal problem faced by doctors, designed a revolutionary product and quickly prototyped it with huge success. After we’ve put it through medical trials, it’s expected to save thousands of lives each year.

It’s that end-to-end nurturing of innovation that we’re most proud of. It means we take a unique approach, where innovation is a part of everything