Hark: Efficiency Gains With IoT

Monitoring and managing assets in real time with IoT

Hark – founded in Leeds in 2016 – provides enterprise and industrial IoT solutions for retail, facilities management and manufacturing. The company connects industrial systems to the cloud, streaming data in real time so that processes can be analysed, optimised and automatically controlled.

This enables systems, such as those in supermarket stores or manufacturing plants, to benefit from predictive maintenance, increased efficiency, and reduced waste. Helping major businesses to cut their energy consumption is a major aim of Hark, with industrial activity placing such high demand on the UK grid. Even the smallest data-driven changes in large operations can therefore go a long way towards meeting sustainability goals.

When designing the company’s hardware, CEO Jordan Appleson was mindful of installation costs for clients who already have monitoring systems in place. Hark’s IoT hardware can therefore be retrofitted to their existing technology. Following a proof-of-concept with one of the UK’s major retailers, the company is now rolling out its solutions to 800 stores nationwide.

Appleson is particularly proud of doing business in the North:

“Leeds has always been our home and honestly, we couldn’t imagine being headquartered elsewhere,” he says. “The Leeds tech scene is thriving and is now the largest tech hub in the North, especially for start-ups and SMEs.”

“We started the business in 2016. Since then we have grown exponentially and our technology is now monitoring 200 million data points each day. I think the tech scene here in Leeds and elsewhere in Yorkshire has definitely helped contribute to our success. Businesses in Yorkshire and the greater North always have the mindset of helping each other and consistently collaborating, which has opened up a lot of opportunities for us and allowed us to create a great network in this region.”

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