First review of iDisrupted – the book


Format: Paperback

This book is an excellent introduction to what’s happening in the world of technology and its likely impact on business, the economy and the human race in general. As the authors claim, it is exciting and terrifying in equal measure. However, its appeal lies mainly in the fact that it is an extremely entertaining read. The style is quirky and accessible, particularly for a business text book, and it isn’t boring. This is praise indeed from a lay person reading a book aimed at businesses. iDisrupted is also credible – several of the innovations detailed in the book are just starting to become reality, which leads one to believe that those inventions/innovations that the authors say will happen within the next ten to twenty years could easily be achieved. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone that is in business, students of economics, and anyone with an interest in how our lives will be shaped by technology over the next 30 or so years.