What’s Your Purpose? – Innovation Dinner

Values matter. On Wednesday 22nd May in Central London, D/SRUPTION will host an evening dinner to discuss navigating business values and how to align these with commercial success.

How do you prepare, build and communicate vision and purpose in an era of disruption? All the more so when difficult issues emerge or a harsh spotlight is directed at your business in times of outright crisis.

Your business purpose shouldn’t just be seen as a box ticking exercise. Successful companies are now building clear values and purpose for their business that staff,  consumers and business decision makers can align themselves with. Being transparent and able to communicate these values is a key milestone in driving commercial success.

During the evening guests will discuss:

  • Knowing your brand values and aligning them with staff, consumers and business decision makers
  • Communication strategies in a time of difficult issues (internal and external)
  • The importance of strong brand values
  • How to prepare for the unthinkable and come out successful

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