The future of work & the workplace

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Date 1st May 2018, 18:30 - 21:00

DINNER – The Future of Work & the Workplace

On the evening of the 1st May we are holding an intimate dinner bringing together a diverse range of business leaders to discuss The Future of Work and the Workplace and we’d like to extend and invitation for you to join us.

The nature of work is changing radically driven by emerging technologies including AI, IoT and Big Data. This brave new world is full of promise, but in order to realise the full potential of the digital revolution organisations face significant challenges. 

This month’s dinner will see our innovation experts share their views on how the world of work is changing, why it’s changing, and what we need to do about it. Over the course of the evening we’ll discuss a wide range of issues surrounding the future of work including:

  • The Digital Workplace – How will digital technologies transform the workplace, and how will this impact employee engagement, productivity, and wellbeing?
  • Business Model Evolution – How is the rise of contingent working and the gig economy impacting organisations?
  • Organisational Design– How do companies restructure for a digital workforce and what new skills are needed?
  • Data Analytics – How can organisations harness data to track flexible careers, a more fluid workforce and rapidly changing employee needs?
  • Mindset – In the face of such rapid change how can we change employee attitudes not just technologies?

The format for our dinners is very simple: 16 guests, no sales pitches, no supplier presentations, just good conversation, good food and good company.

This month’s dinner will take place on 1st May within the private dining environment of with guests representing a wide range of leading organisation including BP, British Land, and PA Consulting

There is no charge to attend the dinner, all we ask is that you come with and open mind and a big appetite. The dinner will run from 6.30pm until around 9-9.30pm

If you are interested in attending please request and invite below.

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