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Date 17th Jun 2019, 18:30 - 21:30
Topic Strategic Automation

Strategic Automation – Innovation Dinner

On Wednesday 17th June, in Central London, DisruptionHub will host an evening dinner to discuss strategic automation and its impact on industries.

Automation is a vital trend across sectors, saving humans from repetitive tasks and driving efficiency. However, not all automation is created equal. Intelligent automation, for example, focuses on short term goals within specific areas of a business.

Strategic automation represents a holistic approach, using AI to automate processes across operations. This allows organisations to unify individual technologies in different parts of the business, looking beyond quick wins to long term advantages. Considering automation in this way will be integral for all businesses, regardless of sector.

During the evening, guests will discuss:

  • Automation as a cross-sector trend
  • The contrast between intelligent and strategic automation
  • The benefits and risks of strategic automation
  • Challenging the stigma around job loss
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