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Date 2nd Oct 2019, 18:30
Topic Corporate Innovation

Corporate Innovation – Innovation Dinner

On the evening of 2nd October in Central London, DisruptionHub will hold an exclusive dinner experience for business leaders on the topic of corporate innovation.

Corporate innovation is necessary for business survival, but brings with it a host of challenges for all organisations. In order for any corporate innovation strategy to be successful, businesses must create the right culture, incentives, and infrastructure. They need to understand what specific problems they are trying to solve, and choose the right type of corporate innovation to do so.

For some organisations, corporate innovation has become synonymous with setting up an innovation lab or investing in a startup. However, true innovation is more than a tick box. As consumers become more attuned to genuine business narratives, meaningful corporate innovation is key.

Over the course of the evening experts will discuss:

  • The meaning of corporate innovation
  • The different types of corporate innovation
  • Developing a culture that supports innovation
  • The risks associated with corporate innovation strategies
  • The importance of learning to fail
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