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Date 22nd May 2018, 18:30 - 21:00

DINNER: Data Driven Business

On the evening of the 22nd  May we are holding an intimate dinner bringing together a diverse range of business leaders to discuss Data Driven Business

Data is the fuel for success for any size organisation across all industries. Being data-driven is about giving the business decision makers the power to explore data and make predictions.

As a concept, this sounds simple; collect data related to your challenges, analyse it in ways that answer your questions and then take action based on insights made available through the analysis.

So, if data-driven decision making has so much to offer then why aren’t we using it more?

This month’s dinner will see our innovation experts discuss the challenges associated with building a  data driven business:

  • What does data driven really mean?
  • How do I identify what data is of most use to my organisation?
  • What does GDPR mean for my business?
  • Understanding and utilising your data: Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Managing and capitalising on data in an era of personalisation
  • Building trust through data transparency

The format for our dinners is very simple: 16 guests, no sales pitches, no supplier presentations, just good conversation, good food and good company.

This month’s dinner will take place on 22nd May within the private dining environment of 

There is no charge to attend the dinner, all we ask is that you come with and open mind and a big appetite. The dinner will run from 6.30pm until around 9-9.30pm

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