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Date 27th Mar 2018, 18:30
Topic Corporate Innovation

Corporate Innovation Dinner

On the evening of the 27th we are holding an intimate dinner bringing together a diverse range of innovation professionals to discuss the topic of Corporate Innovation. In a world characterised by rapid change and an unrelenting demand for faster, better ways to operate, innovation is widely regarded as vital to corporate success. But why does innovation matter? Do we all need to be innovators? and Can corporates ever innovate like a start up?

In the last decades the majority of disruptive propositions have originated inside recently created start ups. Despite enormous resources in terms of money, technology and people, established organisations continue to struggle to when matched against start ip innovation.

This month’s dinner will see our innovation experts share their views on why innovation is so important. We’ll explore what established businesses can do to foster a culture of innovation within their organisation, and ask can corporates ever innovate like a start up?

The format for the dinner is simple: 16 guests, no sales pitches, no supplier presentations, just good conversation, good food and good company.

This month’s dinner will take place on 27th March within the private dining environment of with guests representing a wide range of leading organisation including BAE Systems, BP, BT, Kingfisher, PA Consulting, Pfizer, Rentokil and Rocketspace.

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