2nd Oct 2019

Corporate Innovation – Innovation Dinner

Wednesday 2nd October in Central London.

For a corporate innovation strategy to succeed, businesses must identify the specific problems they are aiming to resolve, and the appropriate type of corporate innovation needed to do so.

We’ll meet with business leaders to discuss corporate innovation: what this means, the different types and the risks associated with corporate innovation strategies.

17th Jun 2019

Strategic Automation – Innovation Dinner

17th June 2019 in Central London.

Not all automation is created equal. Strategic automation represents a holistic approach, using AI to automate processes across operations. This allows organisations to unify individual technologies in different parts of the business, looking beyond quick wins to long term advantages. Considering automation in this way will be integral for all businesses, regardless of sector.

5th Jun 2019

Challenger Brands – Innovation Dinner

Wednesday 5th June in Central London.

Meet with senior figures from both early stage and more established challenger brands to discuss the role of the challenger brand. It’s become a popular term in recent years, but we'll question why they actually matter and determine the role of the CMO in creating one.

22nd May 2019

What’s Your Purpose? – Innovation Dinner

Wednesday 22nd May in Central London.

How do you navigate business values in an era of disruption? It’s vital that companies build clear standards for their business that staff, consumers and business decision makers can align themselves with. We’ll be hosting a discussion on the approaches to building and maintaining these values.

14th May 2019

Data-driven disruption in healthcare – are you keeping up?

Digital innovation is disrupting the healthcare sector. Estimates suggest that medical data will double every 73 days by 2020 and over 20 billion devices expected worldwide by 2025 – in light of this data explosion stakeholders across the healthcare eco-system can’t afford to stand still.

3rd Apr 2019

An introduction to DisruptionX

/ Event Details
Date: 3rd April 2019 17:00 - 20:15
Venue: BT Centre, 81 Newgate Street , EC1A 7AJ, London

The evening will explore disruption through the lens of Purpose, Innovation and Technology - three drivers we believe are vital for successful companies in the 21st century

27th Nov 2018

Building Business On Behaviours

/Event Details
27th Nov 2018 8:30 - 11:00
Venue: IET, 2 Savoy Place, London, WC2R 0BL

22nd May 2018

DINNER: Data Driven Business

Being data-driven is about giving the business decision makers the power to explore data and make predictions. As a concept, this sounds simple; collect data related to your challenges, analyse it in ways that answer your questions and then take action based on insights made available through the analysis.

So, if data-driven decision making has so much to offer then why aren’t we using it more?

1st May 2018

DINNER – The Future of Work & the Workplace

The nature of work is changing radically driven by emerging technologies including AI, IoT and Big Data. This brave new world is full of promise, but in order to realise the full potential of the digital revolution organisations face significant challenges. 

27th Mar 2018

Corporate Innovation Dinner

In a world characterised by rapid change and an unrelenting demand for faster, better ways to operate, innovation is widely regarded as vital to corporate success. But why does innovation matter? Do we all need to be innovators? and can corporates ever innovate like a start up?

5th Sep 2017

Disruption Summit Europe

Disruption Summit Europe is the must attend event for senior executives looking to guide their organisations in the digital and post-digital eras.

9th May 2017
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Corporate-Startup Partnerships 2.0: Welcome to a New Growth Era

In this month's session Jeremy Basset, founder of Unilever Foundry and now CEO of CO:CUBED will share insights into how corporate-startup partnerships can evolve to give birth to a new organisational models and unlock a new growth era.