This is how easy it is to train a robot now

Will your next colleague be a robot?

With increasingly intelligent automation potentially threatening jobs across the world, it’s no wonder that many people fear the rise of smart robots.

However, the thinking on this tends to be binary – them or us.

But there is another area, one that will be the most useful – the collaborative middle ground of them AND us.

Collaborative robots are likely to become trusted members of your team, taking the strain out of repetitive physical tasks and, with increasingly easy programmability, they’ll be able to take on other helpful jobs as needed. Combine this with variable levels of AI, from basic intelligence through to computational genius, and suddenly you have a very useful team member.

It’s worth noting that now, the best chess players in the world are not humans or AIs but the combination of a human AND an AI – known as a ‘Centaur’. Through robot and human collaboration, we can do better than we can alone – all while discovering new ways of working together.

It’s time to shake hands with your new colleague – the robot co-worker.