Disruptive technologies: next generation robots

Robotics is a familiar technology in the modern world, but its applications vary greatly. In its simplest form, explains David Rakowski, PA technology innovation expert, a robot is a machine that follows instructions given by an operator or software. At the most advanced end, robots can perceive the world through various sensors and automatically find solutions to problems.

With this new generation of robots, there’s a whole range of possibilities for the technology. Some can work with people, others interact with them (such as educational robots), and still more assist us (such as exoskeletons). This means there are now uses for robots across industrial manufacturing, the home and the battlefield.

Working with the United Nations Global Compact, we’ve explored the next generation of robotics technologies that have the potential to help companies do business in a better way, and to make a breakthrough contribution to achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).

We’ve looked at the technology, its potential and given examples of its applications. We’ve also explored the barriers and how robotics fits into the SDGs.

You can read the full brief on the Project Breakthrough website, part of our partnership with the UN Global Compact.