The Disruption50 Index: Nominate Your Company Now!

Has your organisation created a new market? Displaced an incumbent? Changed consumer behaviours? You could be named one of the UK’s most disruptive businesses

Navigating disruption isn’t easy. The speed of technological change has transformed markets beyond recognition. Today, companies face threats from organisations who previously lay outside of their sectors, as well as agile startups that are taking on incumbent businesses.

Across our articles, magazine and events series, DISRUPTIONHUB highlights examples of truly disruptive businesses.  From the latest trends in innovative business models, to the most disruptive applications of new technology, we champion the work of some of the world’s most innovative organisations.

Now we’re making it official, with the launch of the Disruption50 Index, in partnership with Hotwire and Unanimous AI.

50 UK companies with the most disruptive potential

We’re on the hunt for UK businesses with the most disruptive potential. For the first time ever, the intelligence of swarm AI will be combined with a panel of expert judges, to rank organisations according to their disruptive credentials.

So what will they be looking for?

Disruption can be a highly charged – and much misunderstood – term. Our Disruption50 criteria have been selected to identify companies removing barriers to business, changing consumer behaviours and pursuing rapid growth. If you’re breaking the mould, or know someone that is, we want to hear from you.

The intelligence of the swarm

In the Disruption50 evaluation process, our panel of business leaders will statistically analyse a shortlist of 100 applicants to find the 50 most disruptive. In an industry first, these companies will then be reviewed by the panel in a real time swarm intelligence exercise, powered by our partners at Unanimous AI – who famously correctly predicted TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year two years running. This revolutionary strategy will combine our panel’s expertise with the intelligence of the swarm, and create the final rankings of the Disruption50 Index.

DISRUPTIONHUB CEO and panel member Rob Prevett explains why this landmark decision to use swarm AI as part of the evaluation process was made.

“At DISRUPTIONHUB,” he says, “we’re huge believers in the power of technology to augment human endeavour. There’s no better way to demonstrate that than by bringing cross-sector human expertise together with artificial intelligence, to index the UK’s most disruptive companies.”

We want to hear from you

If you’re a disruptive startup, SME or incumbent business, then we want to hear from you. We are also actively seeking nominations – nominating a company you know for the Disruption50 Index is the perfect way of championing their work.

Companies in the Disruption50 Index will be announced at the annual Disruption Summit Europe in London, and profiled in an exclusive report. DISRUPTIONHUB will also feature selected entrants in interviews and articles throughout 2019.

To nominate a company, apply, or for more information on the judging panel, process and evaluation criteria, visit the Disruption50 website. Entries are open from March to May 2019.

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