Disruption Summit Europe – Insider Interview

We asked our Managing Editor, Kev Cooke, what he is most looking forward to at Disruption Summit Europe. . .

Disruption summit has been along time coming so it’s great to finally have the event upon us. It’s been brilliant to work with our partners PA consulting and our other sponsors, and also to collaborate with Lab For Hire and our amazing line up of speakers.

In terms of what I’m looking forward to, the thing that stands out most for me is just the sheer number of interesting people from so many different backgrounds, businesses, and perhaps most importantly areas of expertise. It’s always good when you get that much knowledge and talent together in one place, and it’s often the interaction between these different ways of thinking or approaching things that produces the most interesting and innovative ways of solving problems.

Who are the speakers you’re hoping to see?

That’s an unfair question! Naturally it’s hard to pick favourites amongst such a crowd and I’d love to see all of the talks. I am particularly keen to see Jane Buck as it will be great to see how a company of the size and scale of Unilever creates a sustainable culture of innovation. Also Geoff White and The Secret Life of the Mobile Phone will be really original and eye opening, possibly a little scary too. The panels on VR and data in healthcare look fascinating, and I’ve never seen a dull presentation yet from our very own John Straw – his knowledge and enthusiasm are always very welcome and interesting.

What else are you excited about?

One of the things I am most excited about are the conversations and discussions we will be able to have between the speakers and the delegates. With such a well-informed and diverse crowd it will be difficult not to find yourself in a conversation about something interesting and potentially hugely useful to your own work. We have over 50 speakers and so it won’t be possible to see everything live, but it’s all being filmed to watch afterwards so there’s plenty of time to catch up.

My own areas of expertise and experience cover creativity, culture, innovation, collaboration, future & foresight planning and of course looking at disruption, colloquial or otherwise – (*see Kev’s article on ‘The Problem with Disruption‘ for more) so naturally I’m drawn to the talks on these subjects but of course, it is extremely important to look outside your own areas of knowledge and absorb as much as you can from people with a lifetime of experience in areas you know less about.

What else will you be doing at the event?

Talking with, and meeting people is the key thing for me really. As well as taking the opportunity to meet our speakers and delegates informally, I shall be out and about with our superb staff writer Laura Cox – you’ll be familiar with her work if you follow DISRUPTIONHUB or our weekly newsletter  – she’s prolific and a fantastic writer brimming with interesting ideas. Laura and I are hoping to catch some of the speakers backstage for a chat on camera and also to informally interview a few of our delegates who are coming along to the event too.

So you’ll be keeping busy then?

We certainly will be, I’m hoping I get time to look around the Exhibition Area and try the Microsoft Hololens too – it’s going to be a busy day but I think a really excellent one.

Kev & Laura will be available at various times throughout the day if you’d like to meet and discuss a future editorial collaboration or anything else. . . you can also tweet them @_KevCooke or @lauraaautumn