DISRUPTION Magazine: Winter Edition – Read Now

Welcome to the Winter edition of DISRUPTIONHUB Magazine

Welcome to the second edition of DISRUPTIONHUB Magazine addressing the key questions around disruption, innovation and digital transformation. A big thank you to all of our expert contributors for sharing their thoughts on the technologies and business models transforming the business world. In this issue:

Signing In – Is the world about to finally shake off its reliance on high cost oil?

Day In The Life – Accenture’s Chief Analytics Officer Narendra Mulani gives a glimpse into the life of an innovator

The Big Idea – The API Economy and how you can make it work for your business

The Anatomy of an IoT Solution – Why the data generated by IoT machines might have a cash value

Smart Clothing – How IoT clothing can connect users with fashion designers

When Cars Connect – The value of making the world’s vehicles a major part of the IoT

Driven To Disrupt – How the UK is determined to make self-driving cars a reality

The Future Of Work – The evolution of the workplace to meet the changing needs of both companies and employees

AI Versus Skill Sets – How your future depends on whether you have a ‘proficiency’ or a ‘pivotal’ role in your business

Augmented Reality – The role of computer vision in redefining web searches

Innovation – Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem is in. . . East London

Investing in Disruption – Strengthening your portfolio by recognising the companies willing to embrace change

Signing Out – Why creativity remains a key differentiator between humans and artificial intelligence

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