DISRUPTION Highlights – 2018 Editor’s Picks

A selection of noteworthy articles from 2018

Another year, another chance to review some of the most informative pieces from DISRUPTIONHUB. In 2018 we’ve been tracking the biggest developments in technology and business – from the latest trends in innovative business models, to the most disruptive applications of new technology.

Getting the inside scoop from business leaders has also been a particular highlight for us this year. In 2018, we spoke to experts in everything from machine learning to manufacturing, and their insights never failed to disappoint.

Given the variety of topics we cover, choosing our favourites is difficult. However, we’ve given it our best shot and can now give you this short – but by no means exhaustive – roundup of some of our noteworthy articles from 2018.

1) Ethics and AI

With the steady march of AI into all aspects of our lives, the ethical questions around its use are becoming critical. If we fail to act now, we could soon find ourselves sleepwalking into a dystopian future… That said, what would the ethical application of artificial intelligence even look like? Can we create a universal code to govern the use of AI around the world? DISRUPTIONHUB spoke to three AI experts for their thoughts.

Click here to read the full article on a universal code of ethics for AI.

2) Agile business management

Following his talk at Disruption Summit Europe in September, Sam Bunting of PA Consulting spoke to us about agile business management. Beginning with a brief foray into economic history, Bunting explains the origins of many of our modern business problems, and how these can be solved by the principles of agile. Today, this is what makes agile ‘the one thing many organisations are missing.’

To learn more about the benefits of agile click here.

3) How green are Electric Vehicles?

Are electric vehicles really green? While they certainly don’t produce polluting exhaust emissions, this is only part of the story. Jonathan Carrier, DISRUPTIONHUB’s resident expert in the automotive industry, examines the green status of EVs across their entire life cycles, from manufacture to consumer use and beyond. With customers increasingly demanding green transportation options, we want to know – is this actually for the best?

The article ‘Are Electric Vehicles Really Green?’ can be found here.

4) The subscription model

The digital economy is breathing new life into the subscription model. Forget your daily newspaper and milk delivery, subscription now offers unparalleled product personalisation and a unique way of building a relationship with consumers. For a lowdown on the full benefits of the subscription model, and its future in business, we spoke to Andy Katz and James Taylor, Strategy and Growth experts at PA Consulting, for their thoughts.

Click here to learn more about the evolution of the subscription model.

5) The FoodTech revolution

With increasing consumer demand for cheap, healthy meals delivered straight to their door, the food industry is rising to the challenge. But what exactly are the tactics being used by restaurants and grocers in the face of an ever more competitive business environment? This article examines automation in the cooking process, the convenience food market, and autonomous delivery options to paint a picture of the future of FoodTech. Feeling hungry? Read on…

To access the article, click here.

6) Data and consumer recommendations

When businesses collect data on a customer, they are usually able to form a pretty good picture of that individual’s interests and preferences. Where this comes in particularly useful is in the recommendation of certain products or services based on a person’s consumer history. Watch an action film on Netflix, for example, and it will recommend similar movies based on the actors, genre, plot and characters it knows you are interested in. While such recommendation mechanisms have great potential, however, they must be done right or risk alienating the consumer.

Click here to discover the advantages and potential pitfalls of recommendation in business.

7) InsurTech and the changing business of insurance

Innovative startups are now a firm fixture of the insurance market, forcing incumbent insurers to adapt or risk fading into obscurity. DISRUPTIONHUB spoke to Guy Farley, CTO and co founder of Bought By Many – one such startup which is redefining the insurance landscape. How does this business use data to design insurance policies for specific needs, whilst also throwing better value products into the mix? Read the full article to find out.

For expert comment on the InsurTech industry read our interview here.

8) Mobile payments and the future of fintech

The banking industry is changing for good. From mobile only banks, peer to peer payment systems, and an increasing interest in the blockchain, consumers are demanding flexibility, convenience and a world without transaction fees. One business seeking to meet this request is Circle – a crypto finance company – which offers a popular peer to peer money transfer service. Marieke Flament, MD Europe of Circle, gave us her thoughts on mobile money and the future of fintech.

To read the full interview with Circle click here.

9) Healthcare in China

China: a land of giant pandas, the Great Wall, and – unfortunately – an increasingly fragmented healthcare system… With an ageing and ever more unhealthy population, medical services are facing greater demand than ever, and the healthcare sector is predicted to grow steadily over the next few years. This makes the industry an attractive prospect for private businesses. Tencent – the largest internet company in China – has recently entered the healthcare scene. Cue digital doctor’s appointments, AI powered diagnostics, and an exclusive Beijing clinic – with more innovations expected soon.

Click here to explore China’s healthcare system, and the opportunities it offers private business.

10) Diversity in tech businesses

“If you don’t get a seat at the table, bring your own chair.” So says Camilla Montonen, a data and software engineer, of her experience working in the technology sector. With women remaining severely underrepresented in the workforce, and many of the most lucrative projects still being allocated to men, sometimes the best way forward is to simply start your own business. DISRUPTIONHUB spoke to Montonen about her experiences, and the wider issue of a lack of diversity in tech.

To read the interview in full, click here.

That’s it – ten of our favourite articles from 2018. But the insights don’t end there. There’s always lots to discover and if there’s a topic you’d like us to explore in 2019 we’d love to hear from you. Why not contact us or tweet us @disruptionhub.

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