Disrupted Warfare – US Air Force covets Navy's laser weapon

DARPA built laser gun – now deployed in the Gulf – US Air Force wants it for war planes

The United States Air Force is clearly jealous of the US Navy laser weapon, which has now actually been deployed in the Gulf and it would like them for its war planes.


DARPA (the Terminator weapons department of the US Department of Defence) is awarding a $20 million research project to¬†Northop. The company has “been contracted as part of Project Endurance, which focuses on miniaturizing components as well as developing tracking, identification, and engagement systems (basically all the stuff that would allow a pilot to aim and fire a beam weapon). Project Endurance is an offshoot of the department’s larger Excalibur Project whose goal is to ‘develop coherent optical phased array technologies to enable scalable laser weapons that are 10 times lighter and more compact than existing high-power chemical laser systems’.”

There may be a few issues to solve, such as the massive power requirements for a laser weapon, but that’s not stopped DARPA before. . .

It could be another disruptor to the world’s weapons programme, which is a $1 trillion market.