Disrupted Transport – momentum in the self drive trucking business

Over $300m already invested in startups to disrupt the trucking business

iDisrupted Commentary

The cost of transporting product around the world (and especially the USA) via road is vast – both directly in terms of hardware to move stuff, and indirectly into terms of pollution – the industry is aeons old and needs disrupting for all of the economic benefits it can bring.

Self driving trucks are an obvious improvement – economically more efficient and with better green credentials. Many of the big auto players have advanced experiments with self driving trucks but, due to capital cost, adoption rate could be slow. . . unless you apply retrofit kits to existing trucks – shortening and steepening the adoption┬ácurve to make it more disruptive. . . and so the VC’s are piling in. . . here are some well funded startups coming to market. . .

Trucking Tech Startups