Disrupted Televisions – Apple patent indicates the death of TV screens

We’re seeing the future of television – from our smartphone

iDisrupted Commentary

Imagine being able to project a large scale image onto any wall just by flicking an icon on your smartphone? Microsoft is already expecting to deliver this with its Hololens product and Lenovo has even unveils an early adopter product to do just that. Recent filings from Apple indicate they are going in the same direction.

Disrupted Televisions


The implications for the TV manufacturing business are horrendous. It’s a $100 billion market that could have its Kodak moment. Why buy a TV when you could project anything from your smart phone?

From Patently Apple: “Apple Files for Patents Covering a Miniature Optical Projector and Biometrics for Online Commerce (by Jack Purcher)

Today, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a series of patent application from Apple revealing various inventions worth noting. Two of the inventions relate to 3D depth mapping that stems from their acquisition of Israel’s PrimeSense. The first invention touches on their continuing work on a miniature optical projector with integrated photonics while the second invention relates to projection and capture of optical radiation. A third invention covers Apple’s biometrics in context with online commerce in-depth.”