Disrupted Telecoms – Google Project Loon is now real – in Sri Lanka

Mass internet access comes to fruition – Google signs a deal with Sri Lanka for blanket Internet coverage

iDisrupted Commentary

I’ve written several posts on iDisrupted – Google Project Loon this year and its potential to wreck  the legacy telecoms business. I’ve been accused of smoking something illegal on several occasions despite the fact that loon has been properly implemented on an island in New Zealand.

Disrupted Telecoms - Project LoonLoon has now gone mainstream with an announcement that it will provide the whole of Sri Lanka with Internet access – this is just a start – within 5 years my prediction is that it will be global and will cause massive disruption to telecoms.

This article from TheNextWeb: “Two years on, Google’s Project Loon is getting its first big client: the entire country of Sri Lanka.

Google and the government of Sri Lanka have signed an agreement that will see the internet balloons providing connectivity across the entire country.

Sri Lanka’s IT Minister, Mangala Samaraweera told Lanka Business Online that, “As a result of this agreement, the entire Sri Lankan island – every village from Dondra to Point Pedro – will be covered with affordable high speed internet using Google Loon’s balloon technology.”

The agreement marks the first time Project Loon will be widely adopted, outside of small tests providing connectivity to rural New Zealand.

The first balloons are expected to take off in the coming months and scale up over time.”