Disrupted Silicon Valley – the European Union plans to spend $1b on quantum computing

A lot of money but too late?

iDisrupted Commentary

The potential that lies in quantum computing is beyond the number of atoms in the known universe (no joke, see the video below), and commercial viability seems to be getting closer. So close, in fact, that the European Union has decided to invest $1b in European quantum computing research. This is in order to compete with Google, IBM, NSA, Facebook et al. Too late?

From Engadget: “The European Union doesn’t want to simply wait around while scientists figure out the European Quantum Computersfundamentals of quantum computing; it’s giving the concept a big financial boost, too. The European Commission has revealed plans for a €1 billion ($1.13 billion) “quantum technologies flagship” that, like other EU-level efforts, aims to turn scientific discoveries into practical realities. The Commission expects the project to help everything from motion sensors in phones to virtually unhackable communications. Honest-to-goodness quantum computers are some of the long-term goals, the EU says.”…more